Joy in Simplicity

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I love the simplicity of the daily family rituals. My day always starts with me in a slumber, subconsciously hearing Master 3 (the early riser in our household) get out of bed and meander down the hallway with his bunny and teddy held closely to our bedroom. This is followed by my favourite part of the day when I get my morning cuddles and to lie in bed with my cuddly boy, he snuggles up and we talk about the day ahead and all the fun things we will be doing. And I get to hold his little hands close to me and I think about how big he is getting and that he’s not my little baby anymore. There we stay until Master 5 wakes and joins us. No better way to start the day than with my boys having cuddles. 

The boy’s night time rituals revolved around gifts from cherished grandparents. Master 5 says goodnight to “Guard Dog” who sleeps on his bed which was a gift from Granny and then he says good night to his Guardian Angel that sits on his bedside table that was gift when he was born from Omi in Germany; his own Guardian Angel to watch over him at night.  

Master 5’s with his favourite picture of Omi and his special Guardian Angel

Master 3’s rituals are a bit more active! His “Hüpferlein” from Omi (I know it sounds like a character out of Winnie the Pooh) gets a goodnight bounce, and this has to occur every night no matter what else is happening, Hüpferlein can’t sleep until he has been bounced! This is followed by good night to his Guardian Angels hanging above his bed, and then off to sleep. 

Our children like so many in this generation have too many toys! Plastic comes and goes in our household; toys break and are replaced or forgotten. What is a constant are the simple, beautiful things that have meaning and have been given with love. These have become part of our children’s daily routines as they grow up. 

If you are looking for a unique new born baby gift or a special Christening gift these beautiful hand crafted wooden Guardian Angels, Holy Family and “Hüpferlein” range from DOLFI in Italy will be a lovely addition to a new baby’s room; that will be loved and cherished for years and years to come. 

Enjoy finding the joy in simplicity,

Lisa xx



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