Mother’s Day

Monday, April 27, 2015

My parents recently moved house and I was surprised to see my mother still had some of the 'handmade' presents that I had made when I was a child, mostly from Mother’s Day, and the hand drawn cards I had scrawled with “I Love You Mummy”. They are her treasures from when I was a little girl she said.

My perspective on Mother’s Day has changed now that I am a mother myself to Master 3 and Master 5. I realise what hard work it is! Wonder how it is possible to have so much love for these little people in my life. And the fears and worries I have for them as they navigate the world. Now that I am a Mother, Mother’s Day is more special to me; I know the hard work my Mother put in!

I have started stashing away the cards that have been made with so much love by my children and the candle tile that Master 5 made at school sits in pride of place in our house, lit up at every special occasion.  The joy my children have when they give me something that they have made can bring tears to my eyes, the innocence of children and the unconditional love they have.

Master 5’s Tile Candle taking pride of place on our kitchen table.

Has Mother’s Day become commercial? Very possibly! But it doesn’t need to be. Showing our Mum’s how much they are loved is as simple as a hug, or sitting down to a cup of tea and spending quality time together, which we sometimes don’t get a chance to do in a society that seems so busy now. Look for presents that have meaning that will become part of your family traditions, that’s where I love the Polish Pottery, they are pieces that are timeless, yet practical and pieces that will become part of family gatherings for years to come.

Treat your Mum to something that you know she would love, but wouldn’t necessarily treat herself to. As Mum’s we are often making sacrifices from everyone else and buy for ourselves last. It could be a beautiful Venetian Glass Necklace or one of our gorgeous Tonle Cambodian scarves.

This year I am home alone for Mother’s Day, my parents are away on holiday, Mr ElementalBarossa is away working so it will just be me and Master 3 and Master 5. And what fun I will have, feeling blessed and loved by the little people in my life. I just hope Master 5 doesn’t take the knife to the toaster like last time left to his own devices cooking breakfast (it seemed like a good idea at the time) he’s 5! “Why are you in the knife draw”? As I hear the draw slam shut. “I need a knife the toast is stuck”…… the lazy morning in bed was over and I was now perfecting the dash down the hallway in 2 seconds flat!

Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day,




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