The Swag Bags

The Swag is a reusable storage bag to keep fruit & vegetable fresh for longer. The Swag is a breathable bag, meaning fruit & veggies stay fresher for much longer – naturally.

  • Non-toxic
  • environmentally-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Machine-washable

The Swag is made of three different layers. Each layer plays a significant role in keeping your produce fresher for much longer! The outer layer of The Swag protects your fruit & veggies and stops the water in the middle layer from drying up. However, it's the two other layers that make the difference. The thicker middle layer absorbs and holds the water. The very Inner layer, provides a dryer barrier whilst allowing your fruit & veggies to draw on the air and water they need. This keeps everything Fresher for Longer.

Large Swag: Width: 42cm x Height:52cm (opened up and including flap height) 42cm x 38cm not including the flap.

Long Swag: Width: 52cm X Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 52cm x 24cm not including the flap.

Small Swag: Width: 37cm x Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 37cm x 24cm not including the flap.

The boarder colour varies between blue, yellow, green and orange.

Tea Swag Bag

These reusable Tea Swags are made from chemical free, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton and have no nasties or plastic infused in them (unlike most single use tea bags). Tea Swag Set of four tea bags sized 7.5cm x 6cm each with draw-string for several generous servings’s of your favourite blends



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